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Hybrid Shoulder/Back Carry

High capacity, high performance duffels

Duffel Bags

Pelican Mobile Protect duffel bags are built for convenience, capacity and protection. They can be held by handles, slung, or carried like a backpack.

Constructed from water resistant 1000D nylon canvas and hard-molded grips and handles, these sturdy bags can handle anything you throw at them.

What are Pelican duffel bags made of?

Pelican duffel bags are constructed from panels of 1000 Denier nylon, a tough and dense fabric with a DWR coating for added water resistance. The scuff resistant base and handle overmolds are made of compression molded EVA. The zippers are premium Japanese made water resistant and PU coated from YKK.

Are Pelican duffel bags waterproof?

Though the 1000D nylon canvas the main bag panels are made of is a highly water resistant weave, the zipper gutters and mesh can allow the intrusion of water when submerged or under heavy rainfall. These bags are water resistant, not water proof.

You break it, we’ll replace it… forever.