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High Clarity and High Defense

Precision cut protector screen, and a cut above the rest

Interceptor glass screen protectors

Why do we need tempered glass screen protectors? Plastic screen protectors are everywhere, and they’re cheaper too.

Your phone has a glass screen for several reasons. Quality glass is clear and smooth, allowing the true colours of a phone’s display to shine through, and allowing your fingers to glide along the surface with ease. It’s also extremely hard, allowing only something even harder to blemish the surface.

These characteristics are all diminished when a standard plastic screen protector is plastered over the display, but the flexibility and impact absorption of plastic can save your screen from serious damage such as cracks and chips. What choice do we have?

Introducing; the Pelican Interceptor.

The Interceptor is a precision cut tempered glass screen protector made from a grade of glass that’s stronger and more flexible than that found on 98% of other glass protector screen.

Forged from a slice of premium quality Japanese Asahi glass then fortified in a super-heated salt bath, each Pelican Interceptor is a crystal-clear and perfectly smooth work of scientific and industrial art!

You break it, we’ll replace it… forever.