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Australian Made – Made locally in Victoria

Storage Crates Made to Australian Specifications

Tough sun, chemical and abrasion resistant Pelican tool boxes, stackable and ready for storage

Pelican Spacecase

Proudly Australian Made Hard Cases

As the official Australian stockist for Pelican, we are able to exclusively offer much of the Pelican Spacecase range complete with the unique and customisable Pelican TrekPak divider system:

Designed and manufactured locally in Melbourne, the Pelican™ Spacecase™ is a high-strength, lightweight and rugged modular hard case, designed for the safe and secure storage & transport of your equipment, tools and gear, making it the perfect companion for construction, DIY, camping, boating and off-road usage. Make your next storage solution and Australian-made Pelican tool box!

Coupled with Pelican’s customisable TrekPak divider system, you can now configure the inside of your Spacecase to separate and protect your valuable equipment. The TrekPak system uses wall sections, divider panels, locking pins and a foolproof cutting tool. Just lay your gear in the case, measure and cut the divider sections and lock them in place with the steel U-pins. We include extra divider material so you can change your mind or evolve your case layout as you evolve your kit. The divider sections are manufactured from waterproof, closed cell foam that is laminated to a rigid corrugated plastic panel. Light, strong and almost impossible to tear or shred, these panels will keep your gear safe for years.

Polyethylene storage boxes are a great solution for organizing assorted items and small tools in an efficient manner. Manufactured with seamless heat-welded construction and impact tough polypropylene resin, these strong and durable boxes are perfect for storing tools, equipment and most chemicals. Polyethylene is resistant to many acids, bases and solvents making it highly suitable for protecting sensitive materials from damage due to extreme weather conditions or rough handling. These storage boxes can also be conveniently stacked so that items stored within them can be easily accessed whenever needed.

Whilst steel tool chests have their place, they are heavy, prone to rust and denting, and can be corroded by many common chemicals, every tool owner should have at least one polyethylene chest in their arsenal, make yours an Australian made Spacecase from Pelican!

Take your Spacecase to the next level.