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Pelican Cases: Legendary Toughness, 4 Decades Running

Not sure what size case you need?

Every case we stock prominently displays both internal and external dimensions, but if you have a specific size or range of sizes in mind already, check out our US store's case calculator and pop back to complete your purchase.

Pelican Case Calculator



Looking for something more customised? Did you know we also offer custom-cut foam inserts for our Pelican Cases? allows you to custom-design your own foam piece to fit inside a new or existing Pelican Case.

Whether your looking to protect a small piece of high-performance equipment, a full tool kit, a drone or multiple camera lenses,
Pelican Foam allows you to create a fully customised foam insert to suit any piece of equipment or configuration.

Start your project today and simply complete your design and purchase online 

Pelican Cases

Based on the same DNA as the original Pelican cases that started it all in 1976, these new hard case lines are the result of 40 years of continuous design and technology evolution.

Incorporating Pelican's proprietary HPX resin for impact and chemical resistance is combined with the latest in roto-molding construction for the most consistent build and finish quality possible.

All sizes, all environments, all situations. Pelican protective hard cases are designed with a perfect balance of strength and weight, and are equipped with environmental seals, purge valves and double-throw latches to keep contents safe and secure regardless of what's going on outside the case.

Trusted by the military, professional divers and photographers, and even Hollywood to protect sensitive gear in the roughest environments, Pelican cases are the pinnacle of protective hardware.

Legendary products deserve legendary warranties! ​Every Pelican case comes with a lifetime guarantee;