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Take Your Laptop Anywhere

Keep it safe, scure and dry within a specially sized Pelican hard case

Hardback Laptop Hard Cases

These compact hard-cases bring the peerless protection of Pelican’s famous hard cases to your larger portable smart devices, from iPads to medium sized laptops.

General ruggedness of personal electronics continues to improve year after year, but even the most durable and weatherproof of electronics have their limits, and must make some compromise for ergonomics and access. Safe inside the crush proof shell of a Pelican case, you can bring your devices almost anywhere without fear!

With a fitted insert and low-profile briefcase design, these Hardback Laptop Hard Cases will fit your device comfortably and in style, whilst also being equipped with all of the landmark Pelican features you would find in larger cases; super secure lockable latches, a miniature purge valve, and a weatherproof seal against the elements.

You break it, we’ll replace it… forever.