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From Tenacious and Tactical, to Easy-Access Emergency Lights

You break it, we’ll replace it… forever.

Light when you need it, where you need it

Light is crucial for safety and comfort, which is why it’s usually in abundant supply. But when the grid fails, or you venture outside it, there are few companions more valuable than a high quality torch. Pelican’s range of hand-held torches include both affordable emergency options which glow in the dark, can be mounted to the wall with a poly-carbonate caddy, and are powered by ubiquitous standard AA batteries, and tactical, waterproof aluminium torches fitted with pocket clips and multiple vision LEDs for animal viewing or emergency signalling.

Angled Torches

Fixed or adjustable, many Pelican torches feature beams that can project from a right angle. This allows for torches with clips to be mounted on a belt or pocket and still shine forwards, or allow for a more comfortable pistol grip.

Glow in the Dark Torches

Some Pelican torches are fitted with a photoluminescent ring around the head, or have an entirely glowing body. This enables you to find your torch in the dark, which is especially important for emergency torches, which you may need to find on your wall during an unexpected power cut.

Tactical Torches

"Tactical" can mean many things, when it comes to Pelican torches, "Tactical" means compact, tough, weather and water proof and blacked out for stealthy operation.

Keychain Torches

When convenience and portability are key, get yourself a mini Pelican torch you can take anywhere! A little light is infinitely better than no light at all.

Signal Torches

Many Pelican torches include strobing modes, signal wands and coloured LEDs or lenses to use for emergency signalling.

Torch Accessories

Holsters, wand cones and more to make your torch easier to carry, or enhance its capabilities as a tool.

You break it, we’ll replace it… forever.

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