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LED headlamps for camping, hiking, and safety-certified industrial use.

Keep Both Hands Free, Get a Headlamp

All Pelican Headlamps feature tough, water resistant poly-carbonate housings, o-rings and durable adjustable straps. More advanced models feature extra lighting modes, longer battery life, greater adjust-ability and more.

Choose between:

The basic 2740 compact model, a sturdy headlamp with 2 standard LEDs and a red signal light, powered by 3 standard AAA batteries.

The tactical smart sensor 2720 model, activated by a hand signal and sporting a signal light, night vision light, and a beam adjusting lens.

The fully-featured and rechargeable 2780R model, equipped with a battery indicator for its lithium ion battery, a rear and front signal light and the brightest main LED of any Pelican headlamp.

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