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Stay Cool, Pelican Style

Sun, surf, bears, no match for a Pelican Cooler

Pelican Coolers

The harsh Australian sun is no match for these premium coolers. Pelican makes coolers in 2 main flavours; solid walled elite coolers, and soft cooler bags

Unlike more expensive competitors, the true volume of an Elite Cooler is right there in the name (20QT = 20 Quart = 19 Litres), they come standard with extra features like measuring scales, cup holders and bottle openers molded right into the lid, as well as easy drainage, padlock hasps and more!

Elite Coolers are constructed from the finest, most rugged materials and are capable of holding ice for up to 10 days! Whether it’s a massive catch or just a weekend’s worth of drinks, Pelican makes soft and hard coolers for all occasions.

Are Pelican  Coolers made in the USA?

All Pelican Elite Coolers are made in the USA, from proprietary resin rotomolded in Pelican manufacturing facilities in Torrance California and Albuquerque New Mexico. Pelican Personal Coolers and DayVenture Soft Coolers are designed in the USA and made in China to the same rigorous standards as the Elite Coolers.

Are Pelican Coolers Airtight?

No, Pelican Coolers are not airtight, as this would be detrimental to its function as a cooler. Pressure builds from defrosting ice and food could damage or blow out the seal over time, leaking heat as well as air. The positive pressure would also make large Pelican Coolers almost impossible to open once sealed.

Do Pelican Coolers Leak?

The drainage bung outlet is well sealed and should not leak at all, however, the freezer-grade gasket in the lid is not pressurised to hold water when the lid is clamped shut, so completely tipping an Elite Cooler full of liquid on its side will likely cause some leakage.

How much does a 14QT cooler hold?

All Pelican Elite Coolers are named after their actual capacity, not dimensional volume like some competitors. A 14QT Cooler holds 14 quarts!

Can you Sit on a Pelican Cooler?

Pelican Elite coolers are extremely sturdy, constucted from rotomolded resin which has no mould lines or other easy fracture points, the lids are over an inch thick, and certified bear proof! They can handle a person sitting on them.